Do you wonder how to tackle difficult issues that keep emerging between you and your partner?

Do you wonder if couple counseling could help you?

When the good times turn into challenging times, what you and your partner are arguing about is not always the obvious issue. You may be arguing about your values, your dreams, your wish for security or your ability to trust each other. Many couples are not aware of their underlying issues. Therapy can help you deal with these issues and transform your relationship from mediocre to passionate, connected, deep, and secure.

Conflict resolution helps to heal the pain that drives couples apart. I can help you understand how conflict can prevent loving passion in your relationship and help you resolve the disappointment that accompanies conflict. I find from my work with couples that resolving conflict can help you reestablish passion, connection, respect, and admiration for each other.

An important foundation for your relationship is exploring how each of you wish to experience trust, love, and respect. I can help you discover solutions and strategies to solve problems and disagreements and avoid returning to unproductive communication patterns. Learning how to do this in your relationship can benefit you for years to come.

The issues I help couples sort through range from trust and security issues, communication difficulties, family of origin issues, mismatched expectations, conflict resolution issues, negotiation of time and tasks, intimacy issues, emotional support, commitment issues, and so much more.

I Can help you with:

  • Blocked Communication

  • Arguing and Bickering

  • Pre-marital Assessments

  • Commitment

  • Compatibility

  • Trust and Security

  • Decision-making

  • Expectations

  • Conflicts

  • Values and Cultural differences

  • Deciding about Marriage and Children

  • Relationship Enhancement


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