Do you wonder if your family could benefit from therapy?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work as a family therapist is creating healthy families in which children flourish and become mature, attached, kind, and confident young people. They grow up to be successful and capable adults who contribute great things to the world. Most importantly, they carry on the next generation of healthy, resilient, and joy-filled families.


What do you want for your family? 
In my experience, the hallmark of healthy families is that they share, have fun, develop deep and loving connections, trust each other, remain loyal, and resolve conflicts with kindness.  Parents create room for the voice of each family member and create an environment where each child is unique, treasured, and loved unconditionally. 


In my work, I help parents discover just what what it takes to make their family wonderful. My work with families for over twenty years has offered me the experience and expertise to help with a myriad of problems.

The thing that makes families special is that no two are exactly the same. My therapeutic assessment, approach, and interventions are customized for just your family.  I can help you understand how and why you and your family may struggle with communication, connection or conflicts. Each family has a unique mix of ages and stages of development and I can help you develop realistic goals for your family.

I find that a key is helping all of you address problems in the “family system” openly, where you can hear from all the members, share experiences, and respect perspectives. I’ll help you discover new strategies and solutions specific for your family, which will help you gain new skills, experience healthier interactions, and gain new perspectives. This process can help your family move from distress to the dynamic, functional, and joyful family you hope to be.

When you call, we can decide how to begin. In some sessions, parents come in to gain skills and discover parenting strategies. Other times, parts of the family or the whole family attend. With extended families, the group can include in-laws and the families in which the parents grew up.

No matter what your family is dealing with, I can guide you to be successful in your most important job: creating a loving family and raising your children to become their very best.

A few issues I help families resolve:

  • Blocked communication

  • New Parenting Stress

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Attachment and Love Issues

  • Behavior problems

  • Family Values and Responsibility

  • School Related Problems

  • Arguing and Fighting

  • Time Management Issues

  • Building Character and Self-esteem

  • Establishing Rules and Consequences

  • Parenting Differences

  • Discipline

  • Divorce Issues

  • Step-family Issues

  • Extended Family Issues

  • Keeping Your Family Healthy


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