Are you looking for marriage therapy to improve the quality of your life?

My work with couples helps rekindle authentic, passionate, and enduring relationships. It’s complicated how the love and communication in marriage that is so wonderful in the beginning can become difficult and stressful.

If you’re arguing and fighting more often, you may find that it’s time to seek help. When arguments between the two of you increase but you can’t seem to resolve your issues, it’s likely you both are getting discouraged. With this kind of conflict, you or your partner may respond either by fighting more or by disengaging and getting distant. I’ll help you discover the roots of your problems in order to tackle and resolve conflict.  This new understanding can open up communication in a more peaceful way and move you toward solving your issues.  

Marriage takes a lot of love and hard work to stay connected, happy, and passionate. Feeling disappointed or not getting your needs met can lead to more distance between the two of you. Not all husbands and wives want or need the same things from marriage.

An essential aspect of my marriage therapy is exploring what each of you needs in order to feel loved, safe, and secure. I’ll help you find what you really value--what you signed up for when you got married. I can help you discover these qualities and characteristics, resolve disappointments, and find the path to joyful love again.

My approach to marriage therapy is solution-oriented. I help couples discover what love is to them and how to make it grow, flourish, and last over time. I work with couples to develop practical solutions to develop secure connections and feel safe with each other in their relationship.

When you come in we will work on goals that both of you want to achieve and develop solutions that will help the two of you get more of what you need and want in order to be fulfilled in your marriage. It is always my goal is to find solutions and strategies that are win-win to help balance you as a couple.  

A safe, friendly, and professional environment that offers you both the solutions you need is just a phone call away.

I Can help you with:

  • Blocked Communication

  • Getting More Connected

  • Arguing and Bickering

  • Dependence and Independence

  • Control and Power Issues

  • Sexual and Intimacy Issues

  • Coping Skills

  • Jealousy and Infidelity

  • Compassion and Forgiveness

  • Emotional Differences

  • Extended Family Issues

  • Finances

  • Cultural Differences

  • Relationship Enhancement
Sticks and stones can break your bones but love can break your heart


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